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Slow Cooker

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For this you'll need :

1 round steak or any hunk of meat that needs tenderizing. ( or s'what I use ) Brown on all sides then put in the slow cooker. My mom just browns it but I ... put a bunch of cracked pepper, lemon pepper, chili peppers and grind them up fine ... put all around the edges of the steak then brown it, yes it will make your eyes tear up, but worth every tear you shed.

bunch of veggies,onions, turnip, beets, celery, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower ect ect, you know what veggies you like.

2 of the broth that you froze in muffin tins, or a few of the ones you froze in ice cube trays. If you didn't do either use water or store bought broth add a bunch of spices in that case. Garlic is also a nice addition, either just throw in the clove or if you prefer it sweet brown it :) just cut head in half, sprinkle with oil, wrap in tin foil and place in oven for half hour, then squeeze onto meat :) Add enough liquid ( water, broth ) to cover veggies.

Salt & pepper of course. Unless you have peppered the edges as I do, then no pepper is needed.

Turn onto medium till it's simmering, then turn down to low and let cook all day ... tenderizes the meat, cooks the veggies, make some dumplings and enjoy :)
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omg post your Dumplinbg recipe /dribble
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