Lower Level Recruits

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Lower Level Recruits

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Wreckers are a casual Australian based guild and as such as well as recruiting members which can group or raid at the high end of the game we are also looking to recruit lower level members to be part of our family.

We're not going to outwardly twink new members, but chances are we may have hand-me-downs or other items that we pick up that the high level guildies won't be using that may find it's way filtering

Of course, there needs to be some guidelines set in order that the high level members and the low level members don't end up tearing each other's heads off :)


Lower level Guild members

- should expect to be able to ask questions and get answers (albeit with some occasional teasing :) ).

- should not expect to be power levelled, but you might get lucky.

- can draw on the guild for knowledge, and move into the high end game secure in the fact that they're learning from some of the best.

- should not expect the guildbank to pay for everything they need.

- should understand that many of the members are mostly interested in current/end game content.

- realise they may need to put in some time and effort to level up to be able to join in raids.

- should enjoy the dedicated family atmosphere that Wreckers /gu provides.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact Biliy, Jarinu, Soniella, Leidana, Fnyanna or Quiverr in game for a chat or pm on the website.