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Alliey level 11 Shaman cst idk what magelo is i don't have any aa to count.
I have chars on bristlebane a 61 shaman and a 49 warrior
I didn't leave my other guild i just want to play on a less crowded server sometimes
I heard about wreckers cause someone named quiver messaged me in chat when i asked about a guild.
I want to join cause I would like to have folks to talk to while I'm leveling
I play only solo so far i haven't gotten a char high enough to group up.
I am a long ways from raiding and I don't expect to be able to group for quite some time. Having the others chars means I won't be asking a ton of questions I have already asked them.
I never played eq until I made this account, but I did play a bit of eq2 a longgggg time ago.
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Re: Application

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hi Alli, you must have missed the bit where I said use the same name as your character in game for the name of your account here. :wink:
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